Ehaho L2800 3D DJ Laser Party Lights 5 in 1

SKU: L2800-UK
  • Upgraded 5 in 1 DJ Laser Light: ①Blue & red laser graphics animation rotated effect ②Red & green laser pattern effect ③RGB par light ④Strobe & Flash ⑤Blacklights effect. 5 effects can be individually controlled or custom combination
  • Featuring 4 laser lenses and 6 RGB/UV LEDs;
  • Adjustable strobe light and flash mode
  • Multiple Operation mode: Auto, DMX512, Sound activated, Master/Slave, Remote control;
  • Widely Used: House parties, bedrooms, stages, bars, KTV, discos, shows, clubs, proms;
  • 3 Years Warranty.
  • Subtotal: $140.11

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    Ehaho L2800 3D DJ Laser Party Lights 5 in 1

    Ehaho L2800 3D DJ Laser Party Lights 5 in 1

    $99.99 $140.11

    Ehaho L2800 3D DJ Laser Party Lights 5 in 1

    $99.99 $140.11
    Version: British standard

    Warm Tips:
    ※Please don't let your eyes look directly at the light to avoid hurting your eyes.
    ※ The built-in motor will spin quickly and make a sound, this is a normal phenomenon, not a quality problem.
    ※Please note that all these perfect effects are created "In Smoke Environment". Without smoke, just can see some patterns and animated graphics effects, the dynamic beams and scanning effects will not be seen. So add smoke to enjoy more marvelous lighting effects!
    ※For the best user experience, the sound-activated mode should be used together with a loud volume speaker.

    Ehaho Upgraded 5 in 1 Graphics 3D Laser Lights

    5 lighting effects can be individually controlled or custom combination: ①Blue & red laser graphics animation rotated effect ②Red & green laser pattern effect ③RGB par light ④Strobe & Flash ⑤Blacklights effect

    Vivid Laser Animations & Patterns

    Featuring 4 laser lenses and 6 RGB/UV LEDs. DJ laser lights for party can project hundreds of exclusive blue & red laser-rotated graphics animations and red & green laser pattern combinations.

    RGBUV & Flash & Strobe Effect

    Adjustable strobe light and flash mode. With 6 pcs RGBUV LEDs, laser DJ light projects red, blue, green lights and UV blacklights solely or combines them randomly.

    Multi-functional Professional DJ Lights

    Multiple Operation modes: Auto, DMX512, Sound activated, Master/Slave, and remote control. You can let DJ laser party lights go with the beat of music by the Sound mode, or change to DMX mode to edit more professional lighting effects.

    Sound Activated Party lights

    You can simply set the laser show projector to sound mode and let the pattern, color & beam effects go with the beat of the music while meeting your different needs on various occasions.

    User-Friendly Control

    Come with a remote control, even if you are not good at DMX consoles, you can easily operate and create amazing laser shows through remote control. With the remote control disco lights for parties can be placed on the table, on the floor, or even fixed to the wall.

    Enjoy Party Enjoy Life

    The immersive atmosphere and colorful and bright lighting effects can make you feel better about the party. Let the laser light show machine ignite the party enthusiasm of you and your friends.

    Wide Application

    Ehaho 3D Animation Laser Lights for every special occasion. club lights are perfect for parties indoor and outdoor decor, bedroom decoration, public plazas, skating rinks, birthday party supplies, family gatherings, discos, bars, banquets, weddings, dance, hotels, Karaoke, concerts, and other entertainment venues.

    3 Years Warranty

    Comes with a 3-year extended manufacturer's warranty and lifetime technical support from the date of purchase. You can easily get the Support Team info address in the product package or the instruction manual. The package contains: Party light, Remote Control, User manual, Power cable.

    SKU: L2800
    Color: Black
    Shape: ‎Rectangular
    Material: ‎Aluminum. Iron
    Light Source Type: Light Emitting Diode
    Power Source: Black
    Item Weight: 2.65 pounds
    Number of Batteries: 1 CR2032 batteries required. (included)
    Style: Modern
    Voltage: ‎110 Volts
    Battery Description: Lithium-Ion
    Maximum Compatible Light Source Wattage: 10 Watts
    Bulb Features: remote control,sound activated
    Play Mode: Sound Active, AUTO-BEAM , Auto-animation, DMX, Master / Slave
    Specification Met: FDA
    Are Batteries Included: Yes
    Product Dimensions: 12.8"L x 6.1"W x 8.2"H
    Included Components: ‎Ehaho DJ laser light, Remote Control
    Specific Uses: ‎‎Disco, ballrooms, hotels, skating rink, public square, family gatherings, bar, KTV, party, concert and festival like Christmas, Halloween, Weeding, Banquet
    Special Features: Red Blue Green Full Color Laser Light, RGBW LED Par Light, Remote Control DJ lights, DMX512 Party Stage Lights, LED Strobe & UV Effect
    Light Direction: Adjustable
    Q: I received the product. There is a gap in the lens underneath. Is it normal?
    A: I'm very sorry to cause you trouble. This is how the product is designed. This design is for the large area for the red and green laser pattern, please rest assured to use it.
    Q: This dj laser light can go beat with the music?
    A: Yes, it can go with the music beat. This 5 in 1 mixed effect DJ Laser light has the sound-activated mode. Please press the Sound 1, sound 2, and Sound 3 buttons to different music modes based on your needs. The sound sensitivity is also can be adjustable. Please use it in an environment with loud sound and fast rhythm, the effect will be better.Please check our video to see how the sound modes perform.
    Q: The LED RGB lights can change colors? I pressed the LED RED button on the remote control, but the light is not red, is the remote control broken?
    A: The LED R/G/B, LED Red, LED Green, and LED Blue keys a compound switch keys. This design can generate lights in colors other than red, green, and blue.①It means that if you press the LED R/G/B button, it will show the mixed color light of RGB three colors. At this time, press the LED Red button once, which means that the red light source is turned off, and there are only two colors of green and blue left. If you press the red button again, the red light source will be on, and the three colors of RGB will be mixed.② If you only want to turn on the red light, please press the LED R/G/B button first to turn off the RGB mixed color lights, then press the LED Red button again to turn on only the red light. At this time, if you press the blue button again, the red and blue lights will be on, resulting in a pink mixed light.
    Q: Do I need to have a DMX controller for this unit?
    A: It comes with a remote, so you can easily operate and create amazing laser shows for your party.Operation mode: Auto, DMX512, Sound activated, Master/Slave, and remote control.
    Q: How many lighting effects it has?
    A: Our DJ laser stage light has 5 lighting effects.① Blue & red laser graphics animation rotated effect②Red & green laser pattern effect③ RGB par light④ Strobe & FlashBlacklights effectThese 5 effects can be individually controlled or custom combination.
    Q: What's the difference between these three sound 1, sound 2, and sound 3 in remote?
  • A: Sound 1: High level of sensitivity. It works immediately with sounds and turns off immediately without sounds.
  • Sound 2: Middle level of sensitivity. It works with strong music rhythm and turns off without strong music.
  • Sound 3: Low level of sensitivity. Light effect change accelerated with loud and strong music or it will still flash automatically.
  • Q: How much area can this laser light cover?
    A: This 5 IN 1 DMX laser light can cover about 300-500 sq ft.Ten-eye design, the laser is enough to cover most family living rooms, bars, and nightclubs, very suitable for parties, stages, and performances.
    Q: Can I switch the laser graphics?
    A: If you want to switch the Red or Blue laser graphics, please press the SHOW BUTTON on the remote. Please note that the green& red pattern can not be switched by this button.
    Q: Can I just stop the red-green patterns?
    A: If you want to stop the red or green patterns, please press the MOTOR STOP START button on the remote.
    Q: What's the difference between flash and strobe?
    A: Flash: All lights (RGBUV& Laser)Effect Flash,Strobe: The RGB & UV light Strobe.
    Q: Are there different color settings for laser lights?
    A: Yes. There are different color settings.
    Q: Is this Party laser light suitable for indoor and outdoor parties? I want it to work everywhere!
    A: It's only 3.5 pounds / 1.58kg, which means you can easily take it anywhere. Just power it up, and you can have a cool party at any time. By the way, this product is not waterproof, and you need to pay attention to rain protection when using it outdoors.
    Q: Would like to mount high on the wall in a venue and wire it with switch will it start working automatically once powered on?
    A: Yes, it has Auto Mode. It needs to be adjusted with the remote control or connected to the DMX.
    Q: Does this need to be attached to the ceiling to work best or can you place it on a table or the floor?
    A: The tabletop or floor will work, but mounting it higher and combining it with the fog machine will give a better effect. If you need more services, please contact us at

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Cheyenne H.
    Excellent item but..

    The product is really a great product for a kids room or something in the home. The idea that this item can be used for more is not valid. I tried it in my church gym understanding it only does around 500 sq ft. The lights about 20 feet off the ground just disappeared and only the center main light was fully visible at great distances. Just buy it for normal kids rooms or something.

    Every body enjoyed

    It’ll give you extra happiness definitely

    steve pierson sr.
    That it works



    Easy to install. Nothing says “party” like light effects.

    Vanessa B
    Good product to get creative

    A good product for the money. It is easy to use and set up. It’s sturdy and quiet. It comes with a remote control that has different settings which makes switching scenes a lot easier. You can choose colors, designs, shapes and make a party more fun and interesting. Most important feature is that it’s quiet in comparison to other lights. There’s no loud winding noise. It is bright enough to illuminate a big space and even during day light.I used it as a photo prop for some interesting pictures. It was easy to set up on a tripod and adjust accordingly to help me catch the vision I had in mind.Overall satisfied with the product.